Steamer For facial Handheld Garment Steamer For Clothes Portable Family Fabric Steam Brush, Facial Steamer For Face And Nose, Steamer For Cold And Cough, Garment Steamer For Clothes (Multi) Online at Low Prices in India

 669.00 including tax

Connect the power: plug the power cord directly into the power outlet consistent with voltage required.
Put the button at the garment or face care position.
After heating for about 1 minute 40 seconds,the steam starts to generate. Then you can enjoy the steam.
Attention: please always keep the nozzle out of a person, pet and plant for the case of steam burns. When doing facial steam care, please keep a certain distance with the nozzle to avoid face burns.Cut the power: please turn off the power switch immediately and pull the plug from the power socket after use.
Please remove all the accessories first when steaming face, and the amount of water shall be limited within 200ml. please turn the switch to the “steaming face” mode and sure the machine is stationary. Keep your face at least 20cm away from the outlet, the steam will touch your face so close to the machine that the heated may hurt you.



Legal Disclaimer: The required voltage is 220VAC, 50Hz. The machine will be damaged for improper use The required socket is 5A or more grounded outlet, otherwise, it will lead to a fire danger for heavy load. Please read this manual carefully before using the machine, otherwise, it will lead to fire dangers and electric shocks. Please put it out of children’s reach, and do not allow children to use the machine Before cleaning or not using please turn off the power and unplug the power cord. Put water into the tank before use, and notice the water level frequently. When using, please do not touch got parts or steam to avoid burns. Let it cool down for at least thirty minutes and empty the water box before storing the machine Please cut the power or unplug the power cord.

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