LCD Writing Board with Pen

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Portable LCD Writing Board Slate Drawing Record Notes Digital Notepad with Pen Handwriting Pad Paperless Graphic Tablet for Kids at Home School 8.5 Inch, writing pads, writing tablet, drawing tablets.

  • It can be used for multiple activities like writing, list making, memos, reminders, play games like crosses and naught, you can use the stylus any pencil or even finger on the surface.
  • User to simply erase the existing content on the pad with a simple press of a button making the pad ready to take instructions or sketches.
  • The 8.5 inch size of drawing board would make it easy to be taken out everywhere. And the writing tablet is made from friendly material, Safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.
  • Durable case and recessed screen are safe for school, travel and home use.
  • LCD screen without Radiation and glare, all protect eyes, be more safe and comfortable when you create work for a long time.

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Introducing a new writing slate for children to writing, drawing, etc.

  • Please switch on the lock before use and switch off when done which is at the back side of the tablet.
  • Paperless designed drawing board is without electromagnetic radiation.
  • Writing and drawing experience is just like pen on the paper.
  • Easy to use, writing or drawing with the included stylus, no need a pen or pencil again.
  • Simple to erase the image or content by just pressing the delete button.
  • Built-in stylus dock provides convenient storage for stylus when not use, and the Stylus can be used as a kick-stand to display your written messages.
  • The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is engineered to feel like writing with a pen on paper.
  • By pressing the erase button only needs a small amount of power to clear the image or content.

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